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15+ Best Anime Torrent Sites To Download Any Type of Anime 2021

Best anime torrent sites- Growing up I could never have imagined that anime would hold a place so close to my heart and be a significant part of my life. Most of us were introduced to anime at a young age when channels such as nickelodeon and Animax aired popular anime shows such as “avatar” and “Dragon Ball Z”. Initially we considered them just cartoons and watched them to just pass time. But as a few episodes went by we quickly realized they had a great plot, breathtaking artwork, solid humour, and so much more. They quickly stood out from other cartoons/shows.

And when they had our attention we realized they weren’t just a form of entertainment for us, they also taught us many important life lessons such as the value of friendship and family, how to deal with loss and most importantly to never give up. As we were so engrossed, we scheduled our day around the anime so we wouldn’t miss the show. In this article, we’ll be sharing about the best anime torrent sites for the users that they can access for free.

Best Anime Torrent Sites

As we grew up and started using the internet we realized that there’s a whole anime community out there and so many shows to choose from with so many genres such as action, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, and romance. And there are many different ways to access them. So from one anime fan from another here are some of the best anime torrent sites : 


It is a popular anime website that has been around for a while now. Despite having some issues in the past it is considered one of the best anime torrent websites out there. Its popularity has increased recently with a nice jump in its user base. This site focuses on content that originates from China, Japan, and/or Korea. You can also follow its official twitter handle to show your support and get the latest news. It also has many active mirror sites. Some of its features are:


  • No Advertising – There are no annoying advertisements or popups on the site. You can freely look for the anime of your choice without being disturbed 
  • Simple and easy to use – The website’s layout is easy to use and simple. There is a search bar with many filter options and categories. And  the homepage includes a list of most recently uploaded torrents
  • Optional Registration- Users can use the website without registration but registered users have some benefits. They can follow their preferred uploader and get notifications when he uploads but they have to adhere to the rules set by the site if they don’t want to get banned
  • High Server count- The website is highly responsive due to the high server count and the uploaded torrents are also very healthy.


HorribleSubs is another popular name in the anime community and is the go-to site for many people. It is a very organized website and has its own website community where you can have a discussion with fellow fans and discover new shows. The website is frequently updated with new shows and episodes and it hosts one of the biggest anime libraries. It also has many mirror sites. Some of its features are:


  • Easy to use layout – The website’s homepage displays a list of its latest release and house a search bar which helps its users discover new shows.
  • Optional Registration – The website is free to use without registration but requires registration to post comments, follow uploaders, etc.
  • Schedule – It is a dedicated page where you can keep track of the latest/ upcoming movies and episodes.
  • Different video formats – The websites offers different video formats of the same episode or movies ranging from 480p to 1080p which to help users with limited internet. 

Anime Tosho

AnimeTosho is a simple yet popular torrent website. AnimeTosho’s community is one of the most active anime communities online where you can discuss your favourite anime. Due to highly active users you will get a high number of seeder’s which will result in healthy torrent and high download speed. It also provides subtitles along with video files. It is available worldwide and can also be accessed with the help of mirror links.


  • Minimalist layout – It does not have many categories but it does provide some filters. Its homepage displays the latest torrents uploaded.
  • No Registration – It is free to use and has option registration for the people who want to be part of the community 
  • It also provides direct download links – Besides torrent links it also provides direct download links to some files. 
  • No Advertisement – It does not contain any kind of advertisement and popups

Baka Bt

BakaBT is a torrent website made by anime fans for anime fans. It is quite popular and has over 90,000 users that keep the community alive. It’s a popular website despite being a restricted community. 

To use the website you have to register and you can’t freely register, instead, you have to be invited by the website administrators and you will have to go through an interview process. Although it might seem like a hassle initially it is totally worth it and it not as serious as it sounds. The site administrators have opted for this process so that the community consists only of true anime fans and not any online trolls. You will also have to follow community guidelines to make sure your account doesn’t get suspended. To get invited you need to use IRC and follow channels #BakaBT and #bakabt-support so that you can get invited.

Features –

  • Restricted Community – You can’t register directly, you will have to get invited by site administrators. But it also means that it consists of true fans and there are no trolls.
  • Healthy torrent files – The torrent files in the site has high seed to peer ratio. 
  • Daily updates – The website’s library gets updated daily with the latest anime.

Shana Project 

Shana Project is another popular anime torrents sites for downloading anime via torrent. It has a very intuitive user interface. Upon visiting the website you’ll get a search bar on some page and different sections such as List Titles, List season, etc. which will help you find your desired show.


  • Automate downloads – Shana Project can help you automate your anime downloads. You can select the show you want to download and let your computer download it when it is released without you having to do a thing.
  • No mandatory registration – You do not have to register to use the website but registering will provide new features such as automate the download and follow a particular anime and get info as soon as it gets uploaded.
  • Healthy torrent files – It has a very vast library of healthy torrent files due to a large number of seeders.
  • Blog – The Shana Project also has a blog where the website interacts with users, answers questions, releases info, and updates about Shana Project.

Anime Torrents

As the name suggests its an anime focused torrent site. This torrent site requires mandatory registration before users can access it. After registration its users can access the latest, most popular anime shows and movies. It provides an easy interface with which you can sort through the vast library of torrents and categorize it by its different types. It provides high-quality anime and manga before its competition. This means you could be the first among your friends to view your favourite anime and get to know all the juicy plot twists. It also has very few ads that show up once in a blue moon.

The site also has a good amount of dubbed torrents for those who prefer it. It also provides high-speed downloads because it has plenty of seeders per torrent due to highly active users.


  • Constant Updates – The website is constantly updated with the latest manga and anime shows.
  • Private Torrent tracker – It has a private torrent tracker with which you can track your favourite anime and get the latest info on it.
  • Provides a forum – Anime Torrents provides a forum for its users where they can report bugs and discuss their favourite anime

Anime Ultime 

This anime torrent site hails from France and the website itself is in French. Don’t worry you can easily translate it using Google’s plugin. It is also created by anime fans and has a huge anime community. The websites has a unique and easy to use interface. The homepage has a section where it lists latest released anime alongside a search bar. It also suggests top-rated and popular anime. Anime Ultime also has its own discord channel. Although there a few limitations such as the website itself is in French and it heavily relies on adobe’s flash player and It can get a little resource-intensive. Aside from a few issues it is an extremely good website that provides rich content. 


  • It also provides media streaming – Aside from being a torrent site it also provides an option to its users to directly stream the episode from its website.
  • Optional Registration – It doesn’t require mandatory registration before using it.
  • Regular Updates- It is regularly updated with the latest releases of anime.

Anime layer 

Anime Layer is one of the early anime torrent sites and it hails from Russia and is in the Russian language. You will have to use translating services such as Google’s plugin to translate the webpage. Anime layer takes pride in providing highly detailed information regarding its torrent. Such as an accurate number of seeds and peers, country of origin,  release date, type, genre, a poster of the anime show or movie along with some plot and ratings in some cases which should help you decide. Anime layer also requires you to register before you can use it to download torrents.


  • Regular Updates – The website regularly updates its library with the latest anime
  • Unique Design and user interface – It has a detailed interface and provides a lot of information about the torrent.

Project GXS

It is one of the biggest repositories of anime content found online and should be among the top choices if you want to search for anime that you love. Alongside providing torrent file it also provides direct download links to files. Project GXS has a user-friendly layout and has a titled index page. This allows you to look at titles in alphabetical order. It also provides info in the anime like the number of seasons and episodes. It also offers different files sized at a different resolution. Project GXS updates its library daily to include the latest anime


  • No registration requited – It is free to use website that also provides direct download links alongside torrent links.
  • Active community – It has an active community that helps keep the torrents files healthy and it also has a discord channel where its users can discuss their favourite anime.
  • User-friendly interface – It provides easy filtering of content with the help of tags.


AniRena is famous for its beautiful and colourful user interface. Its homepage features a search bar with different filers and a list of recently uploaded anime with information on seed and peers. While providing an option to report a torrent if you find it suspicious. It also has many sections such as RAW, Drama, Music, etc. It also supports magnet links. AniRena also has its own official discord account. 


  • Optional Registration – Free to use and provides optional registration which has additional features 
  • Server statistics – The website provides its server statistics which includes information torrent stats and average connectivity.


TorrentDownloads provides millions of torrent files, which are categorized properly, which make it easy to filter through them in more ways than another. It has a powerful search bar that doesn’t miss out on any files. TorrentDownloads has a very good dedicated anime section which contains most of the anime that are out there. There are upwards of 70,000 anime right now and which are divided into 28 subcategories. It can also be accessed via mirror sites or proxy servers if it is blocked in your region or by your internet service provider.


  • Great User Interface – It avoids unnecessary functions and does a great job on the important ones. It has good indexing and powerful search bar.
  • Optional Registration – It is free to use the website and does not require you to register before use.
  • Frequent Updates – Torrent files are healthy with a good amount of seeders and regularly updates its library with new anime releases.   


It is one of the oldest torrent sites in the game. This is a reputable tracker even though its user interface is kind of old and lacking. It has many sections like movies, games, TV shows, software, etc. A dedicated anime section is also included. 

Under the anime section you can look up popular torrents, top torrents of that month, etc. You can always use the search bar to search for torrent files manually. It also has a large user base and is used by millions around the world, which means you will get healthy torrent files. Despite being banned in many countries it has many mirror sites and can be accessed through VPN or proxy servers


  • Vast torrent library – It has a massive torrent library that covers many other categories besides anime and it is updated daily with new torrent files.
  • Optional Registration- Registration process is optional but registration provides a few extra features like following certain uploaders.

The Piratebay

I’ll be straight forward with you. Piratebay is not a dedicated anime site but it is a highly popular torrent site. It has one of the largest torrent libraries out there and has millions of torrents for its users to download. You can still find anime here because of its popularity and its large library.

You can simply use the search bar to find what you are looking for. It also supports magnet links.

It has a good interface, its homepage has a search bar with different filters to choose from such as audio, video, applications, games, etc. The Piratebay has many mirror sites and proxy servers which can be used to access as it could be blocked by your Internet service provider or your country.


  • Optional Registration – It is free to use websites with optional registration. 
  • Large library – It is one of the largest torrent libraries and is incredibly popular
  • Multiple language support – You can choose to view the website in different languages. 


Torlock is a general-purpose torrent website but it has a dedicated anime section that has good anime content. It features a simple user interface that is similar to other torrent sites. It has a search bar in its home screen a block that displays most searched keywords and a section that lists fresh popular torrent. To simplify search and discovery it has many categories such as Movies, television, games, etc. One downside to Torlock is that it displays many advertisements


  • Only Lists Verified torrents – Every torrent that is listed in Torlock is a verified torrent. You would not have to worry about download malware or different file altogether.
  • News Section – Torlock has a news section that displays all the news regarding torrent websites and some controversial stories. 
  • Regular updates – The website keeps its torrent library updated by including the latest torrent.

AcgnX Torrent

AcgnX Torrent is a torrent site that focuses on anime, comics, games, and novels. It supports two languages which are English and Chinese. It has a very detailed homepage with many different sections such as Anime, Audio, Literature, Live Action, etc. The site provides detailed information on the torrent file such as resolution, size, encoding, etc. It makes it easier to navigate through the website and find what you are looking for with the help of tags. The website also has its own official telegram account. Its torrent library gets regularly updated and it provides many download options such as a torrent file, magnet link, and even QR code for the magnet link.


  • No Registration – There is no registration process for the website. But if you want to comment on something you will have to login through Facebook or Gmail.
  • No Advertisement – There are no annoying pop-ups of ads on the website. 


Noobsubs is not very popular and is one of the smaller torrent websites. It has a blog like a layout that is very unique. Its homepage has few sections and categories but it does have a search bar. It displays recently added videos. Despite being a small community it provides high-quality torrent downloads. 


  • No Registration – You are not required to register before you can use the site.
  • No Advertisements – There are no advertisements on the website so far which is quite pleasant. Although do consider donating something to the website if you have a few spare bucks.


Similarly to noobsubs it has a blog like a layout and is a small website. It has its own discord channel and has a simple and minimalist layout with a search bar in its homepage. Because of being a small website, it is not updated regularly but mostly has the popular anime. This is also one of the best anime torrent sites that any anime lover can access for free.


  • No Registration – You can access the website freely and download torrents without registration
  • No Advertisement – The website does not have any annoying ads or popups. 


Another anime torrent sites among the best ones is Erai-Raws. It is also a growing website that was launched in 2017 by two computer science majors. The site initially just released RAW episodes but later moved to the addition of subbed episodes. It is a passion project by two anime fans. It mostly has all the popular anime. But there is a mandatory registration before you can download torrent files. You can simply search for the anime through the search bar or manually search for it through its alphabetically ordered anime list. 


So, these are the best anime torrent sites. Watching anime has always been fun but finding the right platform to watch it or download it has always been a hassle because most of them keep getting shut down and direct download links keep getting revoked. This is why many anime fans prefer to download anime using torrent rather than watching them on a streaming website. With so many anime torrent sites listed on our list I am sure you’ll be able to find the one that suits your needs and style the most. 


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