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10 Best Torrent Sites For Tv Shows & Series That Are Working in 2021

Best Tv Shows Torrent WebsitesWe are living in a world where torrent websites are becoming common now a days. Be it watching TV shows, movies, games or any of your favourite part of series you want to watch. These torrent websites gives you a full access to see the files and these files are of so small size that they seems better to use if you like to watch by downloading free material. Torrent websites not only provide you the best material but also provide you the safer and easy way to access the them. There are a lot of Torrent Websites present out there where you can download the best tv shows for free.

If you think that there are only little number of Torrent websites then you surely aren’t aware of different number of Torrenting websites. There are large number of websites present out there. And because of so many sites , it becomes little confusing as to which site would be perfect to use. There are many best websites out there and you can choose any of it according to your needs. In this article, I’ll be sharing about the best torrent sites for TV shows that you can go for.

What are the best torrent sites for tv shows?

The numbers of the best torrent websites for TV shows can differ! Because of the various different sites present on the internet. Torrent websites sometimes gets closed due to the copyrighted content material present there. But still there are many best sites available for you all to watch your favourite shows. So let’s continue going ahead to know more about best torrent sites. 

working Torrent Sites for tv shows and tv torrenting sites

Many different types of Best TV shows torrent sites are available like Legit Torrents, Internet archive, Public domain Torrents, BTDB, Torlock, Torrent 9, SeedPeer, EZTV.io, RARBG, torrentz2, KickassTorrents, YTS.am, Monova, Linux Tracker, Vuze studio HD Network, Broadcast TheNet, Redacted, Gazelle games, Pass the Popcorn, Zooqle, YourBittorent, 1337X, The Piratee Bay, Bit Torrent scene, Torrent Downloads, iDope and many more which gives you the best TV shows to download in a safer and legal way. We will be discussing full description in just a little while but before that I would like to tell you about How do Torrent websites works. So let’s go further, without getting late. 

Working description of the Torrent websites

As we all know that torrent sites are based on file sharing material. There are many different torrent websites which keeps trackers also to share the files. So, we can say that the server uploads the files and you download those files. You act as a client and the one who is uploading it acts as a host. The peer to peer file sharing service is used. The files uploaded are distributed in pieces and you download those pieces of files from different users at a same time. Seeder, Leachers and Peers works on this together. 

Best Torrent Sites for Tv shows

Some of the best torrent sites for tv shows are as follows ~

The Pirate Bay

If you are searching the best torrent website then you must go for this. The Pirate Bay- is a type of website that allows you or we can say it provides us many different Torrents to download TV Shows, Movies, Games, genres, Music and what not!! The Pirate Bay website is also known as the King of Torrents. Because it provides the faster search and links of the related Torrents in a much simpler way then as compared to others. You can easily access many different types of links related to your need and many more through which you can find many types of links and choose the best one that suits you up.

The Pirate Bay contains a Strong search engine optimization so that you can find various different links of your content. Not only this much, the Pirate bay provide you the fast search for whatever torrent you want to download your TV. Shows , movies, music etc., on. You can also see the magnet links functioning there, because the Pirate bay also provides all the users support of magnet links.


We can also call this site as a Multipurpose site because it provides you with best quality content plus it also has a very strong and effective search engine same as like The Pirate Bay does. You can search up your content through the help of search box provided there and find the links of your content. Just what you have to keep remember in your mind is that you search the right keywords so that it can find easily and you can get access to many different links just by searching up the correct keywords.

RARBG website came in to existence in 2008 and became one of the best torrent websites. It also adds new torrent as an update feature of its. You can find every type of content whatever you want to watch. If we talk about the TV shows then go for it without thinking much. Your TV shows would be waiting for you to download them !


You can call it a search engine of the Torrent sites, because it access the data from the other Torrent sites and gives you a huge torrent downloading files. Or we can also say that it’s a powerful search engine that provides you with the different types of results of what you searched. If you would ever search about the best tracker of the Torrent sites then you would surely get an answer of Torrentz2.

And most importantly, we all want free sites to access , so if you go through this site, then you would go to a right place because it totally free with a best search engine. 

Lime torrents

If you want to know which site provides you with the large number of databases then you can find your answer here! Lime Torrents has an interface and that is also user friendly. Lime Torrent also provides you the details of the other Torrent if they are newly added or were added or may be some are being added. The details like the size of the Torrent file, or the date when it was added etc., you can also find the full information or full details of any torrent there and you can learn more about the Torrents from there.

The cache of the site is also run up by the LimeTorrent.cc operator. Many other Torrent search engines can also make use of this torrent cache. You can get your desired results that you searched in a seconds just by simply entering the keywords. Also remember to use the correct keywords so that it could provide you your desired content search results. 


This torrent site is also the popular and the best one. This site refreshes it’s site every hour and also comes up with new different kinds of contents. It is free plus the speed of search engine is also very fast. It provides you your desired results searched in the search box by you. It gives it USSR every kind of help by providing the facility of searching desired material even if it is providing the best new fresh content every hour.

It’s also as same as The Pirates Bay site because it also acts as a Multipurpose source through which one can access the site plus if a user wants to download different kinds of Torrents then it simply can. So, you download all kinds of Torrents from this. 1337X also has a very good user-friendly interface and also Security features to its best level. Hence, you can go for this site too to download your favourite TV show. So go ahead!! 


As we can see, the name tells that it’s of a Japanese torrent website. It is basically used as a torrent site for mostly anime material content. If you want to watch animated shows then go for it once because it also provides you the best content of animated material. 

Torrent Downloads

It has a large number of details of the interface. Also it has a huge database. It gives you the details of the other Torrent files and also allows to do comment about that and also provides you an option of rating the other Torrent sites. It checks that how many no. Fake files are out there and user can comment and rate it according to their choice about what they feel going on the fake site if they had gone through that moment if wasting their time on fake files.

It also helps other users to know about the files, so that they can help themselves in going or opening the fake site. You can also get the Torrent link information or you can say details of the links of Torrents like the size of the file, Seeds number, Name of the uploader, Date when it was uploaded and etc., These little details can help you know more about the sites and you don’t have to dig it up from somewhere else. 


You might have listen about the KickassTorrents, so KATCR.CO is the official site of KickassTorrents. From this site you can download various types of Tv shows, movies, games and what not! It also provides you with very best and easiest way to download the files. It provides you the search bar where you can find your desired content and it also provides you with different kinds if categories that could help you in selecting.

You can also sign up or login so that simply you can login on the page when you come afterwards. Don’t you think it’s a new feature and you should use it once.


Now comes the next, that is another best website that is named as Zooqle. It also has a huge database that is impressive. It provides large number of different types of Torrents. It has a large no. Of Tv shows present in it because of its huge database and that is also the main reason that it has become very popular because of its large contents.

But If we talk about its interface then it’s not so easy to use it. Zooqle website seems to have more users because of as already said a large of contents, categories, and huge number of databases. 

ETTV Torrents

So now this website comes! It has a large number of TvShows present in it with large no of categories and Content. You can download various types of different shows and can also search it very easily. ETTV TORRENTS interface is very easy to access the site. It also has a huge database so you can search any type of Torrent available of your desired content. 

How to unblock Torrent sites

There are many reasons why the sites gets blocked by the govt. or Internet Service Provider. It is generally because it sometimes provides you the copyrighted material. It gets banned or shutdown on some areas, or countries because of the copyrighted material only. But we can easily unblock these sites, it we have an access to Virtual Private Network subscription. Or if not Virtual Private Network or VPN then you can use Proxy mirror sites to easily search the unblocked sites and download the desired content again. 

Frequently asked questions

The user might have few frequently asked questions regarding the best tv shows torrent sites. Here we’ve tried to give the best possible answers to those questions. Have a look:

Ques: Is Torrenting Websites Illegal? 

Answer: If you download the content that is not copyrighted material then it is not illegal. But if you are accessing the site of copyrighted material then it could be illegal.

Ques: What is the best Torrenting website for TV shows? 

Answer: There are many different best sites that you can access like Torrent Downloads,  torrentz2, Bit Torrent scene etc.,

Ques: Are torrent sites safe? 

Answer: If not used properly then only you have to worry about it otherwise it’s totally safe to use these sites.

Ques: What happens if you get caught torrenting? 

Answer: Always use VPN and a content that is not copyrighted. You can face troubles if you are caught with seeing copyrighted material so it’s better to avoid them and go for the copyright free sites.

Ques: How do I access torrent sites? 

Answer: You can get access to torrent sites by simply using proxy mirror sites or by using Virtual Private Network subscription/ VPN or you can also take a look at Magnet links provided on many different top websites.

Ques: Where can I find torrented TV shows? 

Answer: There are many sites through which you can get access to torrented TV Shows. Some are as follows- – The Pirate Bay – RARBG – Torrent Galaxy – 1337X – KickassTorrents – YTS – Zooqle – Your bittorrent and many more are out there that will help you in finding the TV shows that you wanted to watch in a very simple and easy way plus these sites are effective too. 


These are the torrent sites for tv shows that are easy to access and download and would surely prove to be worthy later. With the help of these different sites you can easily watch TV shows of your desired content. So, go for it, and enjoy plus have fun. 

Hope you’ve liked the article. If you have any query related to the article, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will try to answer them as soon as possible. Thankyou!



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