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10 Best Web Proxy Sites For Anonymous Online Surfing | All Torrent Proxy

We all know that how a VPN works, it encrypts the IP address of the user & prevents from hackers. And a proxy server terminates the IP connections from the end user & it applies security policy & lastly it establishes a new connection to the destination. Proxy sites are quite better than any VPN or network firewall in terms of security of user’s data. It is implemented as application + OS virtual guest, as a public or private cloud hosting service. Proxy works as an intermediary for requests from users who are seeking resources. Proxy servers also helps to download any torrent file easily. In this article, we’ll be sharing about the best web proxy sites that the user can use in case he doesn’t want to use the VPN services.

best working web proxy sites for unblock all torrent website list

Best Free Web Proxy Sites and Servers

Have a look at the top 10 web proxy servers that are safer for the anonymous surfing and browsing:


Hidester is a free web proxy that lets you visit any website from anywhere and at any time you want. It keeps you 100% anonymous online without any third party IP proxy involvement as they have full control on their servers. This software is free to use without any registration or sign in process. They provide seven day trial before long term subscription and offers two options for connections. There is a dashboard that will do almost everything for you. Your job is to enter the website address and instantly your connection will be encrypted. Also, it unblocks any website you enter very fast with less to no annoying buffering.


  • Amazing site with great speed and unique software
  • Server Scoring system
  • Kill Switch function
  • Provides free anonymous proxy servers
  • Smart Mode function
  • Best Location


KProxy is one of the web proxy provider online that has both paid and free versions for the users. This site has different subscription method for accessing it. You can download unlimited sources and add them free as well. Though if you will opt for the free plan, you will not get the options of choosing the location which in case of, paid version will be there. It is not a VPN service and protects user’s data securely. You can change IP address if you want along with other features. Also, it offers 30day official money back guarantee.


  • Pay only the day you need the service
  • Limited number of user per private server
  • Download allowed up to 30MB
  • No registration or credit card is required to use it.
  • It is completely safe to use.


Whoer is another best web proxy which only requires you to enter the site URL and you can start surfing your desired site. This protects your browsing history and is safe to use on public  WiFi. This offers random selection if you are not able to know what you need. Though you can’t access streaming site from outside its server network. The server network location you can pick from are U.K , Sweden, London, U.S, Russia, Germany etc. Also, it offers internet speed connection test to let the user know how fast is their internet.


  • Protection from WebRTC tracking
  • Hiding VPN usage
  • Servers can be left to random selection
  • Speed connection test


Since the internet is not anonymous but with Megaproxy, you can hide yourself from public view and can surf anonymously. It is unique than other proxy sites. You can stop inappropriate ads and block cookies to enhance your surfing experience .This provides time limitation to browse and has no free trial. It offers two services, first a free service that will provide the user complete anonymity and security online and the second would be a paid service that offers tons of extra features as well. It provides tool bar in main screen to surf and has limitation to view web pages in time frame in the free version. The performance is decent. Forms and remote logins are restricted.


  • Anti web censorship &bye pass
  • URL path encryption
  • HTTP reference blocker
  • GIF animation control


Zend2 is another best web proxy site that offers the user to browse YouTube, Facebook without premium charges. It offers lots of benefits to the user for browsing the internet with complete anonymity using its proxy online. The architecture of the site is well designed and it offers two different ways to architect new applications for getting the attraction of developers. One is based on the MVC pattern, and the other is based in composition and middleware. The routing is also really great and one can easily add and adjust routing. Zend2 Framework solves the resources problem and shares the knowledge and is a good platform for the user who are looking for the best web proxy servers.


  • Pure web oriented application
  • Advance MVC implementation
  • Simple cloud API
  • Session Management
  • Flexible URI Routing


CroxyProxy offers advanced and secure web proxy services to the users. Be it video hosting sites, search engines, e-mail services, it supports them all. You can easily browse anything including Google, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc., using its encrypted connection. This service can be used for audio video streaming without downloading additional software. You can use it in OS as well. This hides the user identity from other user providing complete security. It has advanced software for supporting modern web application. Also, you can change your location when browsing internet. This encrypt data before transfer and provide secure web access which one would need while surfing to their favorite sites.


  • It supports any Operating System
  • Permanent link generation 
  • It allow to open non-encrypted website safely 
  • Basic version is free

Hide my Ass

HideMyAss is known to be one of the best proxy servers that offers free and pro version. Free version is used for simple private browsing and Pro version can be used in many devices for games, apps etc. If you opt for the paid version, they don’t accept Bitcoin whatever plan you choose. But HideMyAss does support cards, PayPal, etc. They also provide 7 day free trial and if you buy and then run into problems, they keep you protected by their 30-day money-back guarantee. Signing up for HideMyAss proxy Trial is very simple and works like any other web service you’ve ever used previously. 

It has the ability to shuffle user’s IP address at regular intervals with the option to automatically protect them when accessing untrusted networks. They offers a wide range of resources, including setup guides, Frequently asked questions, a web forum, and 24/7 live chat support for anything urgent you would need. You can opt for this without any problems.


  • Hidden Identity.
  • Employee Security.
  • Anonymous Search.
  • Software & Web Testing.
  • Encrypted Connection.
  • IP Refresh.


4everproxy is another best web proxy that lets you access the streaming sites which is blocked based on your geographical locations. It offers the user with unlimited bandwidth and is known to be best for those users who wants to get the access of mainly the streaming sites outside of their own country. Also, their streaming quality is good and one can use it for HD streaming too. It provides good viewing experience with very rare buffering. You do not need to login into your YouTube to watch the videos. It is safe to use and automatically removes all of your history from your browser in every few hours.


  • Secure and simple to use
  • Provides great speed at every location
  • Provides complete anonymity to the user
  • You can change your location when browsing


ProxySite provides you complete online security by using SSL encryptions. Using this web proxy, you can easily hide your IP address, access popular sites and so much more along with having your history logs completely cleared just like in 4everproxy. It offers lots of proxy servers which are easy to use. It provides premium features with additional securities in the paid version but if you opt for the free version, this provides everything you’ll need in most of the cases. Using Proxysite, you can browse any site you want without worrying about anything.


  • Protects Privacy
  • More Speed with complete security
  • Offers global access
  • Complete anonymous browsing


Last but not the least is VPNBooks, it is a free anonymous web proxy that provides complete security, seems clear and less clustered comparing to other web proxies. You can easily choose web servers in top countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and more. You can also change the website you are browsing within VPNBook easily by simply typing it in on the top of the page. You can protect your online identity by using VPNBook.


  • Hides your IP address
  • Complete web browser based proxy so you don’t need any additional software
  • Multiple proxy servers


So, these are the best web proxy sites that are able to hide your identity online and lets you access the website you want to. Hope this article helps you in making your decision of choosing the best web proxy site that suits your requirements. If you have any questions of query related to this post, ask us via the comment section. We will try to answer them as soon as possible. You can also read about the best free torrenting VPN for torrent or proxy sites.


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