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Best Working Torrent Sites For 2021 {100% Working & Unblocked Access}

Torrent sites are used all over the world. To download any movie or files users always have the best option available that is known as Torrent. Torrent sites lets the users to download any files like movies, TV series, Anime, Music, Software, Applications, cartoons etc. within a fraction of second. Also torrent sites gives access to restricted files also that is not available for free. The best thing about torrent sites are that it also focus on the privacy of users. Sometimes if torrents are restricted in some countries, users can access it through VPN or proxy links. There are many applications for torrent downloads, as well as torrent application for e.g. utorrent, BitTorrent etc. But there some torrents which can be directly accessed through any browser.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best working torrent sites that are available for the users and are completely safe to use as well. As we know that it is illegal to use torrents since it offers copyrighted movies, shows, apps that doesn’t goes well with the officials. And therefore to protect their work, government or other officials keeps on tracking the working torrent sites and shuts them off permanently. But since millions of people from all over the world loves torrent, there are still many working torrent sites that we are going to talk about in this article.

Top Working Torrent Sites 

Some of the best working torrents are listed below:


ETTV is relatively a new torrent website and quickly managed its popularity reputation. This provides categories which contain content and offer TV shows, movies, series, apps, etc. This shows popular series or other contents to the users for free. There is also a search box available in it for the user to search the required things they are looking for. We can download them in both ways including torrent and magnetic link. There is no problem if we come out of the site as it continues downloading fastly.


  • Great for downloading TV shows
  • Highly active community

Torrents Download

This torrent site too contains a huge library of torrents . By using this we can download movies, music and can watch TV shows. This provide description for each and every torrent. We can safely and easily browse this site. It has a great interface so that many users get attracted to it. This site is popular among the torrent users around the world. This site shows the active torrents, seeded torrents & most searched torrents which is very useful. It updates its contents regularly. 


  • Incredibly large repository
  • Plenty of healthy torrents
  • A large number of seeders
  • Can easily find torrents
  • Easy to use


This is yet another best torrents search engine that give lots of free contents for the user. It also gives suggestions to the user who don’t know how to download or what to download from these torrent sites. This shows popular series first and it is easy to use. This also show the reviews of other which makes it easy for the user to download the best content. 


  • Acts as a search engine
  • Helpful visual insights Plenty of torrents. 


Previously EZTV contains lots of romantic and action dramas. The new upcoming site is mostly popular for TV shows. We can find not just TV shows but also movies, high quality videos etc. The average speed of download is 3.2Mb/s. This site contains all torrent links. It also allows users to create an account to save the torrent files of users who want a backup of torrents. The site is very clean and it does not have any bulk amount of cache file when it comes to storage. It is a light weight site. 

Top Working Torrent Sites For Users {100% Working & Unblocked Access}


  • A well known name
  • No malware
  • Reliable torrent
  • Easy to use


In Japan this site is famous for anime (Animation). After the World War II, the shows like Robotech and film like Akira is made but now we can find English translated animation on site like Netflix and Hulu. There are even dedicated anime streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Amazon’s Anime Strike. Despite this, there are plenty of shows that are just too niche to be officially translated. Some shows are too old but we can see the shows like dragon war etc. Here in Nyaa, you can find almost every popular animation throughout the world within few seconds.


  • Proxy server often support user authentication to control web access
  • It also provides administrative control over any content that may be relayed in one or both directions through the proxy depending on users search


Zooqle is another best torrent sites available in this list of best working torrents site. This offers content created by users and developers.  Zooqle supports different video qualities including 3D, Ultra, std, Med, low, 720p, and 1080p.This site doesn’t show advertisement which is best as getting ads while surfing or downloading is very much irritating. Everyday thousands of torrent are added while 2,200 trackers are sharing more than 32 million part. We can also sign up to receive notification for our favorite episode, movie etc. 


  • Large collection of the latest movie and TV show torrents
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active community of users and developers
  • Verified torrents
  • It has a simple but intuitive user interface


This site provide the music we want. This offers the original musical site contents and is fully focus on music. This has best quality audio files, and it also have one of the most reliable trackers. The average download speed: 2.0 MB/s


  • Capable search engine
  •  Vibrant community 
  • Verified torrents.


If we like minimalism(movement in sculpture and paintings in 1950s)then this is very useful torrents site. There is a site as similar named Mininova but don’t get confused that site is for downloading BitTorrent. Monova presents us with a clean interface that works really well on mobile browsers. This site is simple to find torrent.


  • Mobile-friendly UI
  • Prominent search tool
  • Lots of torrents


This is the most developed torrent website from other site. The video qualities include 720p,1080p and 3D. We can download latest exclusive movies, TV shows etc. This site is attractive and has good user interface. The torrent available on this platform are available with easy access. YTS admit that they aren’t the original YIFY, but want to work as YIFY. YIFY was famous for optimizing video and audio encoding.


  • Great for movies
  • Encoded files with small size
  • Nicely designed UI
  • Contents are routinely updated


SeedPeer is popularly a well known name among the people who downloads torrents. It is virus free and offers verified torrents to the users since a long time. When the other torrents sites in the world mostly shows spam ads and contains virus, malware, adware, etc. SeedPeer is one such site that is helping its users to stay safe while torrenting. This is definitely one of the best torrent sites that we have shared in this article.


  • A decade on the scene 
  • Advanced filtering options


There are many torrents available to download files. But it depends upon what type of torrent site you should access. Users have to see if the site is legal or not. Illegal sites are banned & if still some of them are using those sites, then it will lead to punishment from government. Above mentioned working torrent sites can be accessed through any of the browser & also by using VPN for safe browsing. 

Torrent sites is an easiest way to download any files. But make sure that it is legal in your respective country or else you’ll be punished for breaking laws. 

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