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Proxy Bunker & Their Alternatives – Get All Torrents Site At One Place Free

We all know that a torrent site has its proxy sites or mirror sites that can unblock the blocked content or work instead of that original site. Since most of the torrents websites are blocked in many region for offering pirated content. There is a source where users can get a whole list of proxy & mirror sites of a particular torrent. Yes! That source name is known as Proxy Bunker. It allows users to get the lists of mirror sites and torrents at one place. Also, it has lots of famous torrent sites that the user can access for free. 

Proxy Bunker is a torrent proxy server or mirror site list provider of various torrents website. It has lots of famous torrents available on it. It is a perfect proxy for all types of torrent website which allows users to unblock or access that torrent site. Proxy Bunker plays as an important role for the users who want to unblock or access torrent sites. As now-a-days users want proxy sites to access torrent so eventually Proxy Bunker is best. It has all the proxies/mirror sites list in one single page.

What is Proxy Bunker?

Proxy Bunker is a torrent proxy/mirror site lists source which allows users to access torrents by providing the proxy site or mirror sites of the torrent website. Users can get all the torrents that they are looking for, it is popular among users as it consists the proxy & duplicate sites of many famous torrent websites. It is one of the best torrent proxies which also gives access to almost all the torrent websites. Sometimes it becomes important to know proxy servers in order to access torrents hence Proxy Bunker is an incredible portal for searching proxies. It contains all the famous torrents like KickAss, PirateBay etc. Users can also get the proxy sites of live channels. Therefore, users can easily block the torrent sites with the help of this site 

proxybunker proxy mirror torrent sites alternatives proxies list

Proxy Bunker has a whole library of proxy & mirror sites. As it has torrents too, it makes easier for the user to access any torrent in a single site along with its mirror sites. In this article, we’ll share everything related to proxy bunker that you should know.

Features of Proxy Bunker

Have a look at some of the best features that it offers to its users:

  • It has an easy interface to use. 
  • Users can watch HD quality movies & TV shows. 
  • This site blocks pop-ups & adult Ads. 
  • Users can easily watch any content without Ads. 
  • The proxies available on Proxy Bunker are always checked & updated daily so that users don’t face any issue while accessing torrents using the mirror sites which they have in their list. 
  • Vast library of proxies & mirror sites. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • It is easy to access any torrents. 
  • Popular torrents are available like KickAss, The Pirate Bay, YTS etc. 

Why Proxy Bunker? 

Proxy Bunker is the best site when it comes to proxy sites & mirror sites library. It provides us with best list of mirror sites of torrents. Following are the points why users should use this site:

  • Users can easily find mirror websites in a single page wherever & whenever they want. Also, they can access the torrent sites using the mirror websites provided by Proxy Bunker. 
  • Popular torrents are available in the website. It has great features when it comes to searching proxies. 
  • It gives access to large number of TV shows, movies, Animes etc.
  • Mirror websites are continuously validated before it comes in the list. Therefore its not like that the mirror sites are not working as it is always been updated. 

Torrents on Proxy Bunker

Top 6 torrents available on the website are as follows:


KickAss torrents site is best for those who are looking to get vast collection of contents at one place. It offers endless number of movies, TV shows, amines, books etc. This site has good interface which includes various sections for easy search of any program. It also provides top music too.

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is another excellent torrent site which is available on Proxy Bunker but it’s illegal in many regions. We can find many games and software here for free. We need java blocker or ad blocker for having good quality content without any hassle. This share files without any virus. An ad blocker is highly recommended because there are plenty of ads included 18+. The peer review system make the site very trustable among all other sites. It is one of the best torrents site that the user can use to get high quality content.


YTS is the most developed torrent website that provides quality contents to the user. The video qualities include 720p,1080p and 3D. We can download latest exclusive movies, TV shows etc. This site is attractive and has good user interface. The torrent available on this platform is very easy to access. This makes people easier to choose their favorite movie and TV shows from the list available on it.


1337x is a website that provides direct torrent file and magnetic link. This was founded in 2007. By 2018, this site became more popular and got 3rd place in the ranking for best torrents site. Though it is banned from Google search due to its nature of providing copyrighted contents. This is an official site with lot of categories and sorting option. 

EZTV Proxy

EZTV website is known for its popular TV show streams. It provides various TV shows, programs at its best level. The site is one of the best torrent sites available on internet that provides the users almost everything that they are looking for.

Seven Torrents 

Seven Torrents is known for its high quality movies. It is popular among users as it provides high quality contents to the user. This site has 40+ million active users. It offers vast collection of movies, tv shows, and more to the users for free.

We at All Torrent Proxy, does not support any user to download the copyrighted contents. We’ve shared this article about Proxy Bunker for informational and educational purpose only. Use these torrents site at your own discretion.

Proxy Bunker Alternatives

Proxy Bunker has few alternatives similar to other torrent site. It works different from a simple torrent site and offers vast lists of proxy & mirror sites at one place. Also, it has popular torrents available on it. Similar to this there are only few alternatives just like it. The top 3 Alternatives which is exactly similar to Proxy Bunker are:


Unblocked is known for its proxy site service. It provides best mirror sites lists of the popular torrents. It gives access to free as well as paid streaming of sports. This site also has popular torrents available on it. Have a look at some popular Torrents available on Unblocked:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • YTS
  • Nyaa
  • Zooqle
  • Lime Torrents
  • Extratorrents
  • Horriblesubs
  • Torrentz2
  • BT4G
  • Monova
  • WorldWide Torrents 

Unblock Torrent

Unblock Torrent is another proxy site provider. This works similar to proxy bunker. Following are the torrents which has mirror websites or proxy sites in Unblock Torrent site:

  • Pirate Bay
  • Extra Torrent
  • KickassTorrents
  • 1337x
  • LimeTorrents
  • YTS
  • EZTV
  • Torrentz

Proxy Portal  

Proxy Portal is known for its proxy sites where users can access Anime & other high quality contents at no price. It also provides lists of mirror sites and has great interface. Some of the best Torrents available on Proxy Portal are as follows:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Kickass
  • EZTV
  • ETTV

Frequently Asked Question About Proxy Bunker 

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about this site that the user might have:

Ques: Why is Proxy Bunker is popular among users? 

Ans: It is known for its proxy & mirror websites list they provide. It pretty much clear that users doesn’t need to search proxies on different sites again & again as Proxy Bunker has a library of different sites at one place. 

Ques: Why it has torrents when they provide proxies?

Ans: The main motto of Proxy Bunker is to give access to websites in just a single page whether it provides proxy or torrents. They want users to access it in a single page as it becomes more easier if users find torrents too. 

Ques: How to use Proxy Bunker? 

Ans: Here are the steps to use the site:

Step 1- Enable a VPN, To keep things anonymous it is better to enable a VPN. 

Step 2- Enter the URL of Proxy Bunker & open the website .

Step 3- Access the desired torrent which you want. It contains varieties of contents that you can access any time you want. 

Step 4- Select the torrent which you want to open, the site will take to its mirror websites & you will find all the contents which you want to download. 


So, this is everything about Proxy Bunker. It is a best choice for finding proxy sites or mirror websites in a single page. It has a user-friendly interface which is best for users. Users who always wants to access blocked torrents & also wants mirror websites, Proxy Bunker is the best solution for it. Due to its amazing features Proxy Bunker helps users to unblock or access any torrent anytime. 

Hope you’ve liked the article. If you have any query related to the article, you can ask us via the comment section provided below. We will answer them shortly. Remember to access these torrent sites with utmost safety using VPNs as sometimes it could lead to serious problems surfing these websites.


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