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{100% Working} SevenTorrents Proxy List & SevenTorrents Alternatives Sites

When we talk about the some popular sites, then surely the name of SevenTorrents would come up on your mind. SevenTorrents has been serving over past 10 years to more than 40 Million unique visitors of the site. 

SevenTorrents is a site that has HD quality movies and it’s speed is also fast. Even facing many kinds of troubles like complaints of the copy righted material, bans of the domain name etc., they were able to keep the Seven torrents site up for the daily visitors or you can also say the users of the site. Seven Torrent played a vital role in providing the best and safe Movies. It also allows to see the details that seems to be important to show like, star cast, and other details like genres, etc.,. It also allows the users to search any kind of Movie whichever user wants to see through the search box given as a option on the top. It helps you to download any Movie that you like for free without any trouble or issues.

SevenTorrents Proxy Unblock Mirror List Alternatives websites

The interface as we know of the site of seven torrent is also very simple, easy and clean. You can easily find the menu of the Interface on the left side, and if you will see the front page then there you can see many trending movies or actually a list of the movies that are in trending. You would also get to know the details of the movies there on the front page only And with just one click you can easily download the movie that you like. But, if you are not getting there the movie according to your need then what you have to do is just search the title of your movie from the search box present there on the left side as told earlier. 

What is Seventorrents? 

It is a torrent site. The staff of the Seventorrents site usually checks the files, or you can say torrent files, to provide the best quality searching materials of movies that the user wants to see. And most importantly, Seven torrent provides you all kinds of movies at a very lower file size. It also served the material that’s paid in not just a particular country, but, many other countries too. And because of this, or we can say the because of providing the copyrighted material, the Seven torrent site shut down itself for the violations of copyright material. But being the provider of Best HD quality movie, it attracted many users attention towards its site and gained 40 millions unique users.

The Malicious files are already checked up and removed by the site that makes it fully safe and free to use. With the help of the navigation bar, you can easily see and search whatever movie or content you want to see. When it comes to free then everyone wants to get it. Decent torrent thus, provides you the best free trending movies and a powerful tool of search box where you can search your movie, according to you wants. This Seventorrents site also gives you the direct access with the help of URL, but it has been blocked so that people can no more make use from it, because of the strictness from the government’s side.

Government’s are taking strict action against the sites because of the copyright violation . It is mostly banned by ISP that is Internet Service Provider or the government. They are even banning the Torrent sites permanently! But you don’t have to feel sad because there are many proxy or we can say Mirror sites available out there and with the help of those sites we can easily get access to free movies of seven torrent, Because those proxy sites or Mirror sites are of Seven Torrent site. 

When we talk about Proxy mirror sites-, then sometimes we even get confused as to know if it would work properly or Will it provide the movie material like the original seven torrent site does. So, answer is very simple, that is, we can consider or think of these sites as Clone version of the original sites but the thing that differentiates it, is that, it hosts from the different servers or Other servers. If the main domain name system or DNS gets blocked due to any reason then you can try the mirror sites. Also, there are many different proxy mirror sites if your seven torrent gets blocked, don’t hesitate to use these proxy mirror sites.

Furthermore, these proxy sites also helps in filtering out your movies materials that you had been searching earlier. Seven Torrent site is best in itself and still after its site is fully blocked then also you can get access to this site with the help of Virtual Private Network that is VPN. Now the Seven torrent Officially announced that they are closing their site and transferring the database to new site that is Watchsomuch. So, Seven torrent has now become a part of Watchsomuch site. This site is completely a new torrent site index for the users. If you now open the Seven torrent site then you will be directed automatically to the watchsomuchsite. 

Features of Seventorrents

There are many interesting and attractive features of this site that attracts the users to come and visit this site. 

  • The search option ~ Seven torrent site has much faster speed of searching movies as compared to other sites. But now as all the databases of the movies has been transferred from seven torrent to Watchsomuch, the speed is now more faster. It searches faster and one would really appreciate this feature of searching movies faster. 
  • There are various kinds of TV shows present in it and also different interesting and all type of movies of your desired content. 
  • Most importantly, it also provides you to filter the search movies results. You wouldn’t find this special feature of filtering the search result on any other Torrent site. 
  • You can watch movies in different and best quality like if you want to watch movie in 4k or HEVC or 3D or any other quality , you will be provided with all the best qualities. 
  • Also, there’s no ad on this site, so it would be easy for you to get the access without waiting for the add to complete. 
  • You also can use Virtual Private Network subscription for the free access of the add free site if you see any ad there. 

What does it offer? 

  • It offers you to download different genres movies, TV shows, trending movies and what not?! 
  • It also offers you to download your movie in HD or 4K or any high quality movie for free. 
  • The site offers you the add free visit to their website . 
  • They provides you the Virtual Private Network subscription through which you can easily remove ads. 
  • It offers you the free trending movies of every kind to download. 
  • It provides you an option of search bar where you can easily search your favourite movie with a fast speed. 

What to do when it is blocked? 

When the sites gets blocked you might think that is is shut down or something like that. You don’t have to worry! You now have two different ways to get out of this problem. 

First way is that you can take help of VPN service that provides you a simple and easy access to the blocked site where they hide up your identity from ISP that is Internet service provider. 

Second way is to use Proxy mirror sites. There are different proxy mirror sites that helps you get access to the blocked site by doing the same thing like Virtual Private Network does . 

Why should one use Proxy mirror sites? 

These are the clones of the original site, and hence provides you the best movie access and others like the original seven torrent does. Plus they are safer to use and does not cause any trouble. There are many different proxy mirror sites out there. They also keeps you away from the malicious files or viruses which could cause trouble. 

Safe ways to access site~ There are many sites through which you can easily access the sites in a safe way. Some of the best SevenTorrents proxy/ mirror sites are as follows ~

Latest SevenTorrents Proxy/SevenTorrents Proxy ListsSumotorrent Torrent Proxy Urls
SevenTorrents Website Proxy 01 Proxy 01
Seventorrents4 Blue Proxy 02 Proxy 02
Seventorrents-win proxydude red Proxy 03 Proxy 03
Seventorrents-win proxydude xyz Proxy 04 Proxy 04
Seventorrents Esbypass Download Proxy 05Not Working
Seventorrents unblocker cc Proxy 06 Proxy 06
7tor-download proxydude xyz Proxy 07 Proxy 07
seventorrents unblocked team Proxy 08 Proxy 08
7Torrents Proxy 09 Proxy 09
seventorrents unblocked pub Proxy 10 Proxy 10
seventorrents-win proxydude faith Proxy 11 Proxy 11
seventorrents unlockpro cricket Proxy 12 Proxy 12
SevenTorrents New Proxy 13 Proxy 13
Unblock SevenTorrents Proxy 14Not Working
seventorrents unblockedall site Proxy 15 Proxy 15
SevenTorrents UK Proxy 16 Proxy 15
7tor4-download unblocked lol Proxy 17 Proxy 16
seventorrents-win pbproxy red Proxy 18 Proxy 17
Unblock Seventorrents Proxy 19 Proxy 18
SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Site Proxy 20 Proxy 19
SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Unblock Proxy 21 Proxy 20
SevenTorrents Mirror Proxy 22 Proxy 21
7Torrents Proxy 23 Proxy 22
Seventorrents Proxy 24 Proxy 23
seventorrents unblocker win Proxy 25 Proxy 24
7tor download Proxy 26 Proxy 25
seventorrents unblockall xyz Proxy 27 Proxy 26
SevenTorrents US Proxy 28Not Working
seventorrents bypassed plus Proxy 29Not Working
seventorrents bypassed cab Proxy 30

 We at All Torrent Proxy, does not support any user to download the copyrighted contents. We’ve shared this article about SevenTorrents Proxy sites list for informational and educational purpose. Use these torrents site at your own discretion.

Alternatives of SevenTorrents

There are many different alternatives. Few best ones are given below ~

YIFY TORRENT~ This torrent gives you the best content and literally can compete with others.

SEEDPEER~ This site was also known as Meganova. You can easily find various types of files based on different interesting contents easily.

The Pirate bay~ This is one of the best site that allows you to download movies with HD quality and games and e- books and what not!!

Sky Torrents~ You can also call it one of the safest seven torrent alternative. You won’t find any ads here and that’s a great deal. Don’t you think so !?

RU Tracker- In this alternative you can get different categories of the movies or TV shows very easily . 

Frequently asked questions about SevenTorrents

Have a look at some of the basic frequently asked questions about seventorrents that the user might have regarding the site:

Ques: Is it safe to use Proxy Torrents? 

Answer: Yes, it’s safe to use these sites because they are like the clones of the original sites and provides you the safer content

Ques: Why VPN subscription is needed? 

Answer: It is because you can easily get access to the blocked sites and you can easily search out the contents of your choice again.

Ques: Is seven torrent website safe? 

Answer: Yes, it’s totally safe and it has now transferred it’s database to watchsomuch site that is completely new.


These sites are safe to use. And you can download various kinds of movies full for free. Hope you like the information and sites prove helpful to you. If you have any query related to it, you can ask us via the comment section given below. Meanwhile, if we find out about any other working Seventorrents proxy, we’ll share that here in no time after proper validation.

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