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Unblock SkyTorrents Proxy List & SkyTorrent Alternatives {100% Working}

Without beating around the bush let me inform you that SkyTorrents has been banned by the ISPs or government officials and so one cannot access it directly. However, if you are looking for SkyTorrents site then you may get it through SkyTorrents proxy and unblocked mirror sites. For those who don’t know about SkyTorrents, it is a torrent search engine that provides torrents files to download via DHT system. In this article, I’ll be sharing everything about SkyTorrent, its pros and cons, unblocked mirror sites and more that you should know about.

What is SkyTorrent?

SkyTorrent is a torrent search engine which is intended to be used when downloading torrents file. It is similar to various search engines like Google and Yahoo with one key difference being it a torrent site only where you can download various stuffs for free. It is completely safe to use and user do not have to worry about their privacy as it does not track cookies and IP related issues. The site was launched in 2017 and have become quite popular over the years for offering large collection of movies, tv shows, software, games and more. The best thing about this is that it supports instant downloading. You can download content simply by clicking on a torrent, it will then be fetched and downloaded from the torrent site itself easily. Although, you must use a good quality VPN to access this site.

Latest SkyTorrent Proxy SkyTorrent mirror proxy list SkyTorrent Alternatives

If you face any difficulty while accessing the website that might be because it is blocked in many regions as it offers copyrighted content. And so the government officials have banned this site from the users to get access. However, the best alternative to access this site is via SkyTorrent Proxy which we’ll be sharing in this article. Using those sites, you can instantly get everything that you are looking for within minutes.

Pros and Cons of SkyTorrents

Speaking of working torrents site in the world, SkyTorrent is one of the best torrent site that has no annoying ads, cookies, and offers amazing viewing experience to the users. Have a look at some pros and cons of SkyTorrent:

Pros of SkyTorrent

  • It offers fast downloading speed where users can download files instantly.
  • The site has a simple user interface that is easy to use.
  • It offers large collection of torrents for the users to download from.
  • No download is required to access this P2P sharing network.

Cons of Demonoid

  • There might be some bugs available.
  • You must use a VPN to access its content.

Top SkyTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites to Access Sky Torrents Website

Have a look at the top SkyTorrents proxy and mirror sites and enjoy your favorite contents altogether at one place:

Latest SkyTorrent Proxy/SkyTorrent Proxy ListsSkyTorrent Torrent Proxy Urls
SkyTorrent Proxy Mirrors Proxy 01 Proxy 01
Skytorrents lol Proxy 02 Proxy 02
Skytorrent Proxy 03 Proxy 03
Skytorrent Proxy 04 Proxy 04
Skytorrent Mirror Proxy 05 Proxy 05
Skytorrent Mirror Proxy 06 Proxy 06
Skytorrent Mirror Proxy 07 Proxy 07
Skytorrent Mirror Proxy 08 Proxy 08
Skytorrent Proxy 09 Proxy 09
Skytorrent Proxy 10 Proxy 10
Skytorrents to Proxy 11 Proxy 11

Proxies Not Working?? Here’s what you can do

One of the traditional way known to access the blocked sites are through proxy site but proxy sites as well does not ensure complete privacy and data protection. They are easily detectable through firewalls and so you need something more efficient like “The VPN”. Here’s some alternatives that you can opt to access the proxy sites that we’ve shared above.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is basically a web browser which anonymized your web traffic using the Tor network, making it very easy to protect your online identity. It might be the perfect solution for you, if you don’t want your ISP or government to know what websites you visit. You could download Tor browser from the internet.

Web Proxy

The web proxy allows you to unblock all blocked websites and enables you to access any website like Google, MSN, Reddit, Facebook, etc. at the same time, it provides complete security and obscurity to the users. However, we do not recommend the users to go for Web Proxy.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Networks aka VPN is considered to be the most secure method. They not only block the sites but also provides complete security and obscurity. It is recommended for the users to access the proxy sites using a safe and secure VPN. Read best Free Torrenting VPN.

We at All Torrent Proxy, does not support any user to download the copyrighted contents. We’ve shared this article about Kickass Proxy sites list for informational and educational purpose. Use these torrents site at your own discretion.

Best SkyTorrent Alternatives

In case the SkyTorrents Proxy doesn’t work due to any reason, you can opt for its alternatives to access those contents which are just like SkyTorrent. Have a look at some of the best alternatives that the user can look out for:

The Pirate Bay ThePirateBay is an excellent torrent site which is used by millions of torrent users worldwide. You can find endless numbers of games and software for free. It is a safe site where you can share files without any virus concern. It is known for its premium contents, simple user interface and other features which considers it as one of the best alternative to SkyTorrent.

Kickass Torrents Kickass Torrent Proxy has been every torrent lover’s favorite since it has come in the play. It has over 10 million torrents added on its website. You can download any number of latest movies, tv shows, videos, games, applications and more from it. Even though the site was shut down in 2016, the user can access this via various Kickass or KAT proxy lists. It has tons of features and is available in over 45 languages globally.

iDope- Those people who frequently uses torrents will already know about iDope. It is a valuable store of different torrent files having every possible known category or genre for the users that they are looking for. It is a torrent search engine which was brought by the people of Kickass proxy after it was shut down in 2016. To all the torrent proxy lovers, Idope does not only lists authentic torrents from around the major sites but is also safe to use by the users. It is a great Sky Torrent alternative.

RARBG RARBG was founded in the year 2008 and has been providing the best torrents files and magnet link since then to the users to let them download their favorite content. It facilitates peer to peer file sharing of torrents and is the best popular alternative to SkyTorrent.

ExtraTorrent ExtraTorrent is another torrent site where users can download a variety of torrent content such as movies, music, software, and more. Its huge variety of content makes it the best SkyTorrent alternative that users can go for.

Nyaa Nyaa is another amazing website which is not only super easy to use but also offers tons of amazing contents for the users to download. It offers latest anime contents with subtitle and audio files as well on its homepage. It also shows the size of the file, torrent links, and updated data you download.

Demonoid Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker. This is one of the best websites which offers high quality content, fast downloading speed, authentic contents, etc. This is one of the most trusted torrents sites among the users which makes it another great alternative of SkyTorrent site.

Zooqle Previously known as Bitsnoop, Zooqle is a popular torrent site that provides tons of torrent files for movies, TV shows, games, software, music, animated movies, etc. It basically works as a web crawler that finds exceptional contents for the users for their entertainment.

So, these are the alternatives of SkyTorrent that user can use to get the same content for free without any hassle.


So, this is everything about SkyTorrents proxy website. Since many countries have blocked the torrents site, it is quite hard to access the main website of SkyTorrent but you can access its content via SkyTorrent proxy and mirror websites that we’ve shared about in this article. Hope you’ve liked the article, if you have any issues related to the article, you can ask us via the comment section. We will try to solve them ASAP. Meanwhile if we found any other working proxy, we will update it here in no time after proper validation.


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