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TorrentFunk Proxy {100% Working Proxy List} & Torrent Funk Alternatives

TorrentFunk site is a dream come true for those who loves torrent sites, here users can easily access the blocked content easily without any problem or hassle. Some days we come across the contents which are restricted in a particular region and TorrentFunk proxy is widely used for the same purpose. Torrentfunk is a torrent site where we can unblock the content or any files easily. By using this site we can download unlimited movies, tv shows, software, etc. But after its main domain was blocked by the government, few of its developers have come up with TorrentFunk proxy or mirror sites to help you get what you are looking for. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything related to TorrentFunk, its features, proxy sites, how to access the site and more.

What is TorrentFunk?

TorrentFunk has been there for years, providing every movie lover the best of their requirement. The website gives us everything from software, TV shows, movies to games etc. All that the user have to do is to grab his desired torrent file and put them in the BitTorrent and start downloading. Moreover, it lets the user to get the content they are looking for at absolutely no price. Also, it updates its network very fast with a high-quality torrent of the latest stuff, letting thousands of users to download torrents daily from the website easily and without any hassle. However, its main domain is blocked in many regions due to its nature of providing copyrighted content and was shut down by the government. But the good news is that, one can easily access its content through the TorrentFunk proxy sites about which we’ll be sharing in this article.

TorrentFunk Proxy unblock mirror proxies list and torrentfunk Alternatives

Feature of TorrentFunk

Have a look at some of the amazing features of the TorrentFunk:

  • In the site it contains a search bar written on that “unblock” which means when user enter a torrent link it will get unblocked.
  • It has a chart which contains the list of unblocked sites & torrents with following information like peers, uploader, size, etc.
  • Provides latest movies, TV shows, Animes etc.
  • It has an advanced search box where users can enter the link which they have to unblock. The search box contains category with options like television, software, anime, music so that user can unblock that particular category quickly.
  • The search box also has options like sort by, size, & result so that the site unblock the file quickly.

Top TorrentFunk Proxy & Mirror Sites to Access TorrentFunk Torrents Website

Have a look at the top TorrentFunk  proxy and mirror sites and enjoy your favorite contents altogether at one place:

Latest Torrentfunk Proxy/Torrentfunk Proxy ListsTorrentFunk Proxy Urls/Mirror Urls
Torrentfunk Unblock Proxy 01 Proxy 01
Torrentfunk top Proxy 02 Proxy 02
Torrentfunk Mirror Proxy 03 Proxy 03
Torrentfunk Proxy 04 Proxy 04
Torrentfunk unblocked Proxy 05 Proxy 05
Torrentfunk Torrent Proxy 06 Proxy 06
Unblock Torrentfunk Mirror Proxy 07 Proxy 07
torrentfunk unblockall xyz Proxy 08Offline
Torrentfunk UK Proxy 09 Proxy 09
Torrentfunk US Proxy 10 Proxy 10
Torrentfunk Mirror Site Proxy 11 Proxy 11
Torrentfunk Alternatives Proxy 12 Proxy 12
Torrentfunk proxy unblock Proxy 13Offline
Unblock Torrentfunk Proxy 14 Proxy 14
Torrentfunk Unblocked Proxy 15 Proxy 15
Proxy for Torrentfunk unblock Proxy 16 Proxy 16
Access Torrentfunk sites Proxy 17 Proxy 17
Torrentfunk Proxy Mirror Proxy 18 Proxy 18
Torrentfunk by youproxy org mirror sites Proxy 19 Proxy 19
Torrentfunk com unblock Proxy 20 Proxy 20
Torrentfunk mirror sites Proxy 21Offline
Torrentfunk mirror sites Proxy 22Offline
Torrentfunk ublocked mirror sites Proxy 23 Proxy 23
Torrentfunk ublocked sites Proxy 24 Proxy 24
Torrentfunk Proxy 25 Proxy 25

Safety Tips For TorrentFunk

Have a look at some of the safety tips that the user should keep in mind while surfing the site:

  • Once we have selected a browser, the next step is to customize it through its settings menu or preferences.
  • We should shutoff the “autofill” feature so that our system doesn’t automatically store data and prevent from mining our data.
  • It is recommended to surf this site using a quality VPN. A VPN creates a private network over our server, thus hiding where we connecting to the net
  • Another simple effective way of promoting online privacy is by updating our operating system promptly.
  • Ensure that our system is always up to date with the latest upgrade.

How to access TorrentFunk?

Users can simply enter the link of torrentfunk & can access the site. But the problem occurs when it does not allow to access because of some legal issues. At that time users can access TorrentFunk using 3 ways.

Use a VPN

Users can use any VPNs to access TorrentFunk. Almost every VPN allows users to access the website. It also ensures the privacy of the user while accessing it. 

Top VPNs users can use are as follows :

Use a proxy or mirror websites to access TorrentFunk

Proxy or mirror websites always helps to unblock any site. Users can use proxy sites for TorrentFunk to unblock. The proxy sites have shared above. You can choose any of the site given above to access the site and its content.

Install FLUD Application 

Flud is a torrent downloader application where users can download any torrent files easily. Users just have to enter the link of torrent & can download it. Users can enter the link of TorrentFunk & can search any files they want to download. 

Some features of FLUD Application :

  • It has ability to provide file or folder priorities. 
  • It supports large number of files of a particular torrent. 
  • It supports magnet links.
  • User-friendly interface.

TorrentFunk website is always unblocked only. There is certain chances when it will not load at that time users can use any of the three ways we’ve shared to access TorrentFunk.

We at All Torrent Proxy, does not support any user to download the copyrighted contents. We’ve shared this article about TorrentFunk sites list for informational and educational purpose. Use these torrents site at your own discretion.

Alternatives of TorrentFunk

Sometimes user cannot access the site due to any reason. In that case, he can go to other torrent sites just like TorrentFunk. Have a look at some of the best alternatives of torrent funk for the users:


This is a website that provides direct torrent file and magnetic link. It was founded in 2007 and by 2018, the site became so popular that it got 3rd place in the rankings of best torrent sites. Though the site is banned from Google search but one can get it through proxy or mirror sites. This is an official site with lot of categories and sorting option. There are 5 uploaders per category with no comment option or uploads.


This site is founded in 2008 and is a great source for movies. Its layout was old fashioned but it changed after 10 years and now looks completely fresh. The site appears like clean fair and it provides each downloaded information clearly to the user. It provides magnet links & torrent files to facilitate P2P sharing. Rarbg is one of the best alternate to TorrentFunk.


Torlock is another best torrent site. This site performance is good compared to many torrent sites available online. Its homepage has a search tab and filter tools. This site has classified content into different torrent categories to make it easier for the users to get what they are looking for. Some of these include e-books, movie, software etc. For queries and content, there is a 24/7 customer support team to solve your problem.


IDope is one of the best website for searching & downloading torrent, magnet files & links. It is called as the ‘Google of torrents’. It has hands free voice search which supports 30+ languages with excellent speech recognition for searching torrent files. The site allows users to download massive shows, movies & all kind of video resources. It doesn’t allow any Ads and is virus free. Users can share files easily & also copy magnet links which can be shared through Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

ISO Hunt

ISO Hunt is serving its users with free torrents from a long time. The homepage of this website is pretty and serve torrents in different categories including Movies, Games and Software. The website operates using the funds generated via Advertisement that we can avoid using the Ad-blockers extension, donations and paid memberships. The homepage also displays the latest torrents available to download in different categories. It is yet another best alternative of TorrentFunk that the user can opt for.

Extra Torrent

It is one of the biggest torrent community on the internet with millions of torrents in their large database. It includes movies, games, software’s, music & many other niches. Extra Torrent has its own VPN client which protects users privacy & information from the spies & hackers. Users can surf this site to get their favorite content without any problem and hassle.


Limetorrents is one of the best torrents site available today. This is steady, secure and provides productive result. This has great user interface with good alternatives and fundamental available on it. Limetorrent is an online torrent website which offer bittorrent content of many genres based TV shows, music, game, movies etc. It has very large and active community of developers for latest contents .


So, this everything related to TorrentFunk. It definitely has great features when it comes to unblock any file. It provides users to unblock any file easily along with a vast list of unblocked torrents & files with great information. Additionally it also offers latest movies, TV shows too. Hope you’ve liked the article. If you have any query related to it or facing any difficult while using it, you can ask us through the comments section given below. We’ll solve the query in no time. Meanwhile, if we find out about any other working Torrent funk proxy or mirror site, we’ll update that here after proper validation.


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