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10 Best & Safe VPN For Torrenting | Use Free VPN For Torrents & Proxy

Torrenting VPN- Torrenting is a peer-to-peer file-sharing technology which allows users to connect & share their files with other users without being independent on a particular website or source for downloading files. It allows users to utilize the technique of downloading files hosted globally. Users can search any file of their choice & can download through a torrent. But sometimes users can have questions related to security & privacy of their files, as they share files to others it is important to know the file is secured from other copyright trolls. Therefore to avoid this, VPNs are used.  

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the smoothest method to protect files, personal details of the users. It is used widely to ensure the protection of the files while torrenting. It actually hides the IP address of the users & changes it to other IP address which makes difficult for the copyright trolls to track users. VPN provides encryption to what users are downloading, the connection between the device & server are encrypted therefore it prevents from seeing what the users are downloading. Even the Internet Provider (ISP)  cannot see which files are downloaded. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing about the best Torrenting VPN which users can use to hide their online identity and to access various proxy torrents site without any problem.

Best Torrenting VPN For Free

Here are some best VPN for torrenting Apps:


ExpressVPN is an easy-to-use, high-speed provider, secure VPN available for all major platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc. It allows users to access any website & to bypass any network restrictions without having any problems of speed & security. It ensures fast speed while watching any video content. The VPN gives high security to the personal details of users. It encrypts the internet traffic & gives protection from hackers & spies by hiding IP address of the users. This VPN anonymizes every details of the user & provides best security. This VPN never keeps logs of online activities & it ensures complete privacy. It also offers advanced options like it automatically stops all incoming & outgoing traffic if the user disconnects from the VPN, this feature is called as Kill Switch which works on Windows & Mac. It offers complete security to the users while torrenting. 

torrenting vpn expressvpn best torrent vpn provider

Key Features

  • It supports all major platforms like iOS, Windows, Android etc. 
  • It is best in encryption also it doesn’t save any activity logs. 
  • No third parties are involved as ExpressVPN runs on its own DNS on all the servers. 
  • All the plans offered comes with a 30 days money back guarantee including every feature available. 

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is a multi-platform VPN solution. It enables users with a total protection no matter in which platform they are accessing the internet. Cyber Ghost offers high-speed internet to its users, it also allows users to access any video content without buffering & doesn’t take much time to load. It allows users to torrent with good encryption. Cyber ghost has the best customer service, users can contact with them anytime through chat or email support. It provides good protection to the personal data of users, as the application applies robust encryption so that users can access it without any fear of hackers etc. Cyber Ghost works in almost all platforms like android & iOS devices & not only in computers. 

Cyber Ghost torrenting vpn apps or best torrent vpn apps list

Key Features

  • Robust encryption 
  • High protection to the data of the users, hiding of IP address at its best. 
  • Secured Transactions & Conversations. 
  • It block Ads & online tracking. 


Windscribe is a privacy-conscious network provider which was started by a Canadian Company. It allows users to access multiple servers, unlimited bandwidth & freedom to connect with all devices at ease. It provides high level security for encrypting all the browser activities. It allows users to block Ads & at the same time one can also unblock entertainment contents at ease. Torrenting can be done easily using this VPN. It also has a great privacy policy, the policy is that it allows the provider to walk in a thin line of the information they collect & it is backed up by a simple sign-up without entering email address of the user, therefore it is totally anonymous. It supports both DNS & IP leak protection and has a built-in Firewall which automatically disconnects when VPN is lost.

Windscribe best vpn for torrenting free review free torrent vpn

Key Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth, locations, devices. 
  • It has a built-in Firewall. 
  • Good peer-to-peer sharing.
  • It has a open VPN configurations.

Nord VPN

NordVPN is a user-friendly & robust VPN solution for all private & business individuals. It provides online protections with its military-grade encryption & no logging policy. It ensures that users can be at ease as it prevents from hackers to track the users activities. Companies can use NordVPN for anonymous market research & to test their products globally. It allows users to torrent without any difficulties. It provides protection for all kinds of devices. With NordVPN, users can connect with 6 accounts under 1 account. It allows users to access the internet with no boundaries & gain accurate information & insights. 

Best torrent vpn Nord VPN best vpn for torrenting

Key Features

  • It gives military-grade protection. 
  • It has a great smart play & streaming. 
  • No log policy
  • Double VPN


Ivacy is a VPN service which offers a single solution for diverse requirements. It offers lightning-fast speed when users are browsing the internet or streaming any media. It allows users to unblock any content which has some restrictions. It prevents from spying on users online activities and even the ISP or any other third party can’t see or access users online activities. Ivacy VPN are available at affordable prices & one can enjoy its robustness & browse the internet freely. It provides high security while torrenting. 

Ivacy vpn best vpns for bittorrent or best vpn for bittorrent

Key Features

  • It has a unlimited speed & failsafe connection. 
  • Zero logs
  • It allows users to unblock content & offers good streaming. 
  • Affordable price

Pure VPN

PureVPN is a VPN service provider that offers the fastest & reliable internet connection. It uses the latest state-of-the-art -technology to encrypt the online activities of users. It improves online security of internet connections & ensures good work & accessibility. The internet get encrypted with up to 256-bit high-grade encryption which allows high-level protection to the users online activities. It ensures that every single information & data of users are safe & secure from all other sorts of parties including spies & hackers. Users can use torrent with the help of this VPN. It is designed to work compatibly with all major platforms & devices. 

Best utorrent vpn Pure VPN best vpns for bittorrent

Key Features

  • It has its own software’s & Apps. 
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • User can transfer unlimited data & information. 
  • It allows users to access all servers in 1 package. 


TorGuard is a VPN service provider that offers affordable, fast & secure internet connection through various user-friendly features. It has no logs, complete anonymity. It has also multiple kill switch options that ensures users information & data are safe from hackers . Torrenting can be done securely. It offers a proxy service which are smartly incorporated in their packages, this feature allows users to unblock content which are restricted, to be in a sleath mode whenever users are online. It also allows users to choose from 4 proxy servers that are compatible with any software application which supports proxies. 

TorGuard Best VPN for Torrenting and torrents vpn for downloading fast

Key Features

  • It has a affordable user-friendly package. 
  • Complete anonymity on VPN usage. 
  • DNS leak protection. 
  • Unlimited speed & bandwidth


VyprVPN is a fast, reliable & secured VPN service provider. It is a Switzerland based company which respects the rights of internet users. The main aim of this app is to provide best security & privacy for all users. It has features like secure DNS servers, kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, 73 server locations & multiple automatic connect options. Also, it offers AES256 encryption and allows torrenting at ease. VPN protocols including L2TP (with 256 bit IPsec) & PPTP (128 bit encryption). It also has an excellent feature called chameleon protocol which is used to defeat VPN blocking. 

torrenting vpn VyprVPN high speed vpn for torrents site

Key Features

  • Defeats throttling
  • Chameleon feature which defeats VPN blocking
  • Multiple encryption protocols & unlimited bandwidth. 
  • VyprDNS


IPVanish is a VPN service provider which is one of the best application & it was created by Mudhook Marketing Inc. It provides secure & private connections for its users & also provides high speed connections. Users can enjoy all its features all the time when they are on Internet as it offers unlimited bandwidth. Users get access to torrenting & peer-to-peer sharing. It prevents from hackers by encrypting at its best. It provides 360 degree protection against hackers & spies. 

Vpn for torrent by IPVanish vpn for torrenting sites for internet security

Key Features

  • Unlimited peer-to-peer sharing/traffic.
  • It has multiple VPN protocols & multi-platform protection.
  • It allows Geo-locked content access. 
  • Anonymous torrenting. 


PrivateVPN is a Sweden based VPN service provider. It allows users to access information with optimum privacy, high-speed & secure connections. It has easy-to-use interface. The data that goes out of the network is encrypted in such a way that no one can see or hack. It remains private whether the connection is public or private. Users can share, download torrent files safely. With this users can rely & receive data via peer-to-peer networks securely with ease. 

Best torrent vpn PrivateVPN for best torrenting vpn fans

Key Features

  • No logs
  • Post forward & Anonymous torrenting. 
  • Multiple VPN protocols. 
  • It has 2048-bit encryption. 


So, these are the best torrenting vpn apps that the users can use to access the proxy sites easily without any hassle. Hope you’ve liked the article. If you have any question related to the any torrenting VPN, you can ask us via the comment section. We will answer them as soon as possible. 

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