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*Best* YTS/ YIFY Proxy List And YTS Torrents Alternatives {100% Working}

YTS, which is an acronym for Yify proxy torrents solutions, is well known among those who download movies online for free. This website uses bit torrent protocol. The best thing about Yify files, besides its free content, is the amazing quality of files within a smaller size. So many high-quality movies are available on the website that it became the first thought of anyone who wants to do free downloads.

Seeders: These are the systems who upload files and other downloaders can contact for downloading.

Leechers: Downloaders are called as leechers.

This kind of downloading comes with a threat of viruses. Some wrong doers can embed viruses in the files they upload for their own purposes. Almost 30% of the files of torrents are infested with viruses. It is very easy for identity theft in such networks. It is now that people are realizing how important it is to protect their privacy and data while surfing online. In this network, there are also files that are copyrighted that are shared among its peers. This is illegal. Government authorities have always been looking for such illegal sharing and certain websites were also closed. One among them is YTS.

What is YTS Proxy?

Yify website has been the best always for its high-quality movies with not much size and even a metered internet connection can download a file. As yify website is banned, some users have created multiple proxy servers in its place to keep the website running. They are actually clones of its official website but have some difference. The database they have is quite similar to the original database that the site maintained. As some of the governments blocked Yify, its users have now turned to these proxies or mirror sites which has the same purpose as its official site but works differently. Some proxies promise of security but not all. There is always a risk of virus from these mirror sites.

YIFY Torrents Mirrors YTS Proxy Lists YIFY Torrents Proxies list

Why was Yify blocked?

Yify website had many files that were copyrighted which were being shared without the knowledge of the files owner. And such kind of sharing is illegal, that is why this website was banned and eventually blocked. Even though the site still exists in its server, all the requests from IPs within that government get blocked thwarting access to it. However, there are always proxies available to use in its place.

Top Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites to Access YTS

Have a look at the top Yify proxy and mirror sites and enjoy your favorite contents altogether at one place:

Latest YTS Torrent Proxy/YIFY Proxy ListsYIFT/YTS Torrent Proxy Urls
YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy 01 Proxy 1
YIFY/YTS Torrent Proxy 02 Proxy 2
YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy 03 Proxy 3
YIFY/YTS Torrent Proxy 04 Proxy 4
YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy 05 Proxy 5
YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy 06 Proxy 6
YIFY/YTS Torrent Proxy 07 Proxy 7
YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy 08 Proxy 8
YIFY/YTS Torrent Proxy 09 Proxy 9
YTS/YIFY torrent Proxy 10 Proxy 10

Use VPN along with YTS and Proxies

It is always recommended to use VPN while torrenting. With VPNs one can download anonymously and securely. Sometimes you may be blocked from accessing some content online due to your location. Some content is visible to only viewers from specific areas. Here VPN will allow you to access the stuff making you appear as a native of that area. When you are surfing internet, there are chances of hackers or government or corporate to get to you and know about you by accessing your private information. With VPN, your IP address gets masked and will appear as if the request or data you make is made from one of the VPNs private servers and not from your computer thereby creating a virtual private network.

As YTS is blocked, one can use VPNs to browse privately without allowing third person such as government to know what is your IP address or where you are located. YTS is now illegal so if you download movies from it you also prone to the risk of being caught. Hence, use of VPNs is recommended. Some of the popular VPNs are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN, etc.

NordVPN: One of the best VPN service providers. They give us secure, open and private internet surfing. They believe in no logs policy by which they don’t allow third party apps to track what you are doing online. It blocks malicious sites. 24/7 support.

ExpressVPN: It is another best VPN service provider which is available at a reasonable cost. It has strong logging policy with no IP, DNS leaks. Exceptionally fast and reliable and also works with Netflix and other apps like prime, etc.

We at All Torrent Proxy, does not support any user to download the copyrighted contents. We’ve shared this article about Yifi Proxy sites list for informational and educational purpose. Use these torrents site at your own discretion.

Steps to download movies using YTS torrents

To download movies through YTS torrents, uTorrent app must be installed already. uTorrent is free but the pro app comes with a charge. It is best to upgrade to pro app as it is more secure than the old version. Also, download a VPN for more security and unlimited access to YIFY. If you don’t get access to yify website then change the location to places that have not banned YIFY.

Step 1- Open YIFY website. Type YTS official page in google.

Step 2- Type your movie name in the search bar.

Step 3- Click on download.

Step 4- A screen with different resolutions of the movie shows up.

Step 5- Choose one quality among them.

Step 6- Click download.

Step 7- Now the torrent is downloaded on to your system.

Step 8- You can open uTorrent to see how the movie is downloading and with what speed.

Step 9- After the download is completed, you will see seeding of the torrent. You can delete the torrent after the movie is downloaded.

Step 10- You can also download subtitles of the movies.

Step 11- Search for yify subtitles in google.

Step 12- Open the website of YIFY subtitles.

Step 13- Type movie’s name.

Step 14- All subtitles of the movie in different languages appear on the page. You can select the one you want and according to your resolution.

Best YTS Torrent Alternatives

In case the above mentioned list of proxies, doesn’t work for you, we have shared some best YTS alternatives for you that you can opt in the same case. Have a look:

Kickass Proxy

Kickass Torrent which is also known as Kickass Proxy or KAT is one of the best & authentic Yify proxy alternatives torrents sites around the world that contains vast list of kickass proxy sites. You can use it in place of YTS and enjoy all the features.


ThePirateBay is one of the best, leading and trusted torrent sites that is a perfect YTS alternative. Using it, you can download audios, videos, games, porn, movies, tv shows, apps, and other contents in no time.

Idope Proxy

Idope is a meta search engine that promises to not track any of your activities. It is one of the top 10 torrent sites listed by torrent lovers with very clean and simple user interface. Its homepage shows only the search form and it caters torrents in different categories. iDope Proxy is also a good alternative that you can go for.


RARBG offers the users huge amount of contents to download along with giving you all the predominant features you would require. It is also a great Yify alternative that you can try.


TORLOCK is another easy to navigate site that has a large database of content that you can download for free. It offers the users most popular content available on the market in present times.


So, this is all about the YTS proxy list that will get you to your favorite torrent site without you having any problem or hassle. You can enjoy these in your free time. If we find about any other working Yify proxy, we’ll update it here in no time for you after validating them. Hope you’ve liked the article. If you are facing any issues related to this, you can ask us via the comment section. We’ll solve your query in no time.



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